Sex Therapy

Importance Of Sex Therapy For Married Couple

Hearing bells is usually a sign of seeing someone walking into an isle wherein two people will soon become one and will enter the marriage life. Marriage is a memorable event and serious commitment in our life. Before you go into this lifetime commitment, it is best to fully understand what you are engaging to and what will be the new responsibilities that you and your partner are going to take. It is like planting a seed and both of you will shower it with faith, fertilize it with respect and let it be under the sun to receive light of hope and patience so that it grows healthy, full of love and so will bring you fruits.

It is very important that you know you’re soon become a spouse and that you are ready to accept his/her flaws and weaknesses. It is not an easy journey, it will going to be a tough one full of surprises, trials which requires a lot of patience. One of a significant part of being a married person is how you are going to keep the spark in your relationship and sex life. Couples should recognize the substance and benefits of sex from improving the physical aspects to creating a deeper sense of intimacy in order to maintain a healthy relationship. In order to achieve this, it is important for the couple to go on counselling or a sex therapy before and after marriage.

How Sex Therapy Works?

Sexual problem is a common issue of a married life. Sex therapy is provided for couples who are willing to talk about their sexual issues like low libido, lack of sex education, intimacy issues, infidelities, erectile dysfunction, lacking of sexual desires and other sex-related problems through the help of a certified sex therapist. Aside from discussing the issues, it helps them work through these subjects through getting into the necessary steps in an educational, comfortable and supportive surrounding.

In counselling, there are common principles being thought to every couple such as: showing respect, becoming more understanding, how to be continuously thoughtful, giving consent, confidentiality, responsibility, and some common traits that both of you must possess.

Phases Of Sex Therapy

Typically, the therapy session takes about 1.5 hours that will be conducted in a confidential counselling room, allowing couples to express themselves.

There are significant phases that are being considered when getting into sex therapy and counselling. The first one is knowing yourself well. The therapist will help you to evaluate yourself so that you can understand how you behave in a certain situation. You will know your strength and weaknesses and how to deal with your behaviour or personality especially now that you have entered a marriage life. The second phase is understanding your partner well.

Based on statistics, almost 50% of marriages end in separation. This can be avoided through undergoing proper counselling. With the tips and recommendations that every couple can get from it, they can have less chance of getting into divorce for it strengthen their relationship and making them more aware about each other. Counselling could be the best way to prepare married couples for the next approach in their relationship but it should be something that both should be agreed to.

Being a married person is indeed a challenging role and keeping the sexual spark alive requires patience, willingness and effort. This is why counselling is necessary for every couple to help them solve the issues. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it while others find it just a waste of time.

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