How to Date a TS Woman in Dubai

Dating trans women in Dubai comes with a certain social protocol that needs to be observed. Despite the limitations imposed on members of the LGBT community, the emirate is home to a dynamic and fun nightlife. Here’s your quick guide to TS dating in Dubai.  

Find TS People Online

International dating sites like My Trans Date and My Ladyboy Date fare well in the tax haven that is Dubai. By signing up on one of these, you aren’t relegated to waiting for someone to just pop up out of nowhere and ask you out. No need to wait for calls or messages. A lot of people in Dubai have found love online. It’s practically the only sure way to get a date with a TS woman. To stay safe, chat anonymously, and don’t provide personal information upfront. You shouldn’t share your real name, photos, or anything of that kind.  

There are Plenty of Social Hubs

The emirate’s hookah bars are frequented by many attractive singles. You can meet all kinds of people here as well as go on a date. Young professionals come here to meet friends and acquaintances after work. You might meet a gorgeous local trans woman at one of these bars one day. Most patrons are foreigners, though. Keep in mind that dating within your community is always safer.

It’s important to be discreet when meeting a trans woman in public in Dubai. It’s not acceptable to wear revealing clothes or to be seen with someone who is. Keep in mind that only married couples are allowed to hold hands in public. For everyone else, it will raise eyebrows, including people dating members of the trans community.

If you take your date to a hotel, be prepared to be asked for your marriage certificate. If you want to get cuddly, the privacy of your own home is the best option as long as you don’t have nosy neighbors.

You’ll meet trans people from all over the world here in Dubai. There are people from Russia, India, Thailand, the US, Canada, the Philippines, and many other countries. It’s important to be persistent if you want to start dating and find love. There are literally thousands of profiles of trans people on online dating sites, many of which are fake. Avoid spamming people with messages in the hopes of finally getting a response and take the time to read people’s profiles. You’re sure to have some fun conversations. Ask someone out to follow up on a pleasant chat, but don’t insist. Don’t pursue it if something doesn’t feel right about the person. In other words, trust your intuition.

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