14 Uncomfortable Sex Questions Women Are Too Ashamed To Ask

No wonder that conversation can help you know an individual. The right questions can greatly help you identify who’s worth keeping or not.  This is quite interesting, but not when you start throwing him awkward questions.

Listed below are 14 awkward questions about sex most women want to ask but won’t dare;

  1. Do you have the control over your erections?

It can’t be denied that every men experience ‘Simba surprise’ even at the most unexpected moment. What’s more surprising is that, it typically occurs when they aren’t even aroused.  It is their morning arousal which is uncontrollable.

  1. Can you tell me how it feels to walk, run or jump with something down there?

Nothing much. Men are comfortable with it as they are safely contained in their underwear. The thing here is, men don’t actually have the control where these sweet chariots position themselves.  Thus, every now and then, they need to reposition them.

Clarification: Men do not literally sit on their balls (in case you’re too shy to ask).

  1. Are you anxious with the size of your penis?

When a man is worried about his penis size, then it means he’s insecure and that could mean problems.

  1. What will you feel when you reach the climax?

This question is quite difficult to explain. Usually, men feel it travelling down their tube. For them, the next five to ten seconds of their life is the best moment of their life.

  1. Do penetrating different vaginas feel so different?

Yes, definitely. They differ in temperature, texture, angle of entry, fit as well as whether the muscles will push you during an orgasmic event. However, in the end, men cannot just rate every vagina. This really relies on the man.

  1. Are you frustrated that you can eat everything but never gain weight at all?

The question is quite funny. But you should know that every man obviously know what they eat (and how to eat it) and how much of it should they eat. They won’t get disappointed either.

  1. When do men lose interest? What are the things that trigger this feeling?

As a matter of fact, there are lots of things. Primarily, it is because the lady is too interested with him right away.

Other interesting sensual questions include:

  1. Do you masturbate every day?

  2. Would you kiss your bed partner after she gave you a head? Yes or no?

  3. Can you sit down without accidentally bruising your twig and berries?

  4. Ladies do watch lesbian porn, do men view gay porn?

  5. What do you expect right after you send the photo of your dick? Would it be arousing for you to see a close-up picture of their crotch?

  6. Do you get disappointed when a girl cum quickly? Or is it an achievement on your part?

  7. What will happen when you get a commando while you are sleeping on your stomach?

Although these questions are a bit embarrassing to ask, don’t hold back. Feed your curiosity well and get ready for some fun and surprising answers!

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