Mainstream Movies With Lesbian Kissing Scenes

People love to see sexy and hot lesbians kissing or lesbians having sex. Hollywood, Television and cable companies recognize this. That’s why there are so many different movies, shows and series with lesbian sex scenes in them. The fixation for lesbians kissing and girl-on-girl sex has been something mainstream Hollywood industry insiders know about. Girl-on-girl scenarios can be found almost everywhere you look. That love for lesbian kissing, lesbian sex and lesbian porn is at an all time high.

One of the top pornography sites in the world released their statistics last year. PornHub, which has millions of visitors monthly, shared their user data publicly. Based on their stats, it showed that the search term ‘lesbian’ was number one. This is very impressive considering there are so many different genres in porn. You have categories such as hot babysitter porn, MILF and mature sex movies, hentai, Japanese and ebony, just to name a few. Those are just some of the many genres people can find hardcore porn material on. Yet millions of those who visited the adult site spend hours looking at anything with lesbians in it. Lesbian porn videos and hardcore porn with lesbians content were some of the most watched.

On the web today, it is easier than ever to find hardcore porn videos, sex pictures and animated porn GIFS content with lesbians. But, most of that hardcore porn is not something you may want to view with your girlfriend or wife. In the event you desire to check out lesbians kissing or lesbian sex scenes that is not too hardcore, the mainstream movies are an alternative. Also, it could be that you want to see famous celebrities doing lesbian kissing scenes or having lesbian sex. They allow you to see girl-on-girl kissing and sex, without the hardcore porno acts. The list below contains the names of mainstream movies with lesbian kissing scenes and lesbian sex in them.

Chloe (2009) – This movie is great for those who love seeing hot and sexy celebrities naked. It contains a spicy lesbian kissing scene between the pretty Julianne Moore and gorgeous Amanda Seyfried. There are also several erotic sex scenes where Amanda is seen nude and having sex. In case you want to see hardcore porn involving Amanda Seyfried, you can. Hackers leaked her private hardcore sex video online.

Basic Instinct (1992) – The Basic Instinct film is one of the most talked about films ever. Part of that has to do with the many titillating sex scenes in the movie. Sharon Stone, who stars in the film, plays a woman whose character is a lesbian. You can see her perform in several lesbian kissing and lesbian sex scenes. Plus, she also gets fucked hard by actor Michael Douglas. And there is a shot of Sharon’s beaver which made the movie infamous.

Black Swan (2010) – If you have a thing for actress Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, you need to see this movie. The lesbian kissing between them both in this film is very erotic and arousing. While there is no hardcore porn available on the web on either of them, you can find hardcore lesbian sex videos on others.

Jennifer’s Body (2009) – Being able to see Megan Fox in a lesbian kissing scene is reason enough to view this movie. Amanda Seyfried and Megan share a passionate kiss which can make anyone horny. Too bad there isn’t any hardcore porn video with Megan Fox in it. That would be something every fan would love to see.

Mulholland Drive (2001) – Besides some racy lesbian kissing and lesbian sex scenes, there is plenty of other things in this movie. You also have tons of enticing female nudity and eroticism. You can view actresses Naomi Watts and Laura Harring making out. The erotic lesbian sex scene between them is also worth watching.

Bound (1996) – There’s something about Jennifer Tilly which makes anyone horny. It could be her luscious body, tits, beautiful face or raspy sexy voice. In this film, you can see Jennifer and actress Gina Gershon get it on. The lesbian kissing and sex scenes are some of the hottest on a Hollywood mainstream movie. Plus, the film itself is pretty awesome and thrilling. Jennifer Tilly is one of those actresses everyone wishes they could find hardcore sex videos of.

Wild Things (1998) – The lesbian kissing part between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in the movie Wild Things is infamous. So are the hot and racy lesbian sex scenes between them. As a bonus, you also have a threesome in the film. Overall, this is one of the best mainstream movies with lesbian sex in it.

By now, you may be aroused by all of these erotic and enticing mainstream movies with lesbians in them. If you want more, then you can check out some lesbian girls in porn videos. Sites with lesbian porn tube offer endless material for you to enjoy. The hardcore porn movies with lesbians, are sure to leave you satisfied.